Modification of rolling stock

Arterail designs, manufactures and installs new equipment, either to replace old equipment or to add a new function. The modifications can meet the needs of modernization, compliance with regulations, treatment of obsolescence and obsolescence.

In terms of interior fittings for passenger vehicles, Arterail can carry out complete overhaul operations, from design to execution.



Integration of electrical and electronic systems

Design, integration study, supply and installation of power supply systems, lighting systems, on-board passenger information system (SIVE), Wi-Fi Internet access system, passenger counting systems, flight recorders. events, control cabinets.

Modification of interior fittings

Partial or total modification of the interior layout diagrams: partitions, seats, ceilings, bar and restaurant areas, toilet modules. Arterail relies on specialized design firms for style studies.

Modification of driving cabs

Modification of consoles by adding or replacing command and control elements, study and installation of cabin air conditioning, study and installation of access system to the cabins secured by badge.

Addition of heating and air conditioning systems

Design, integration study, supply and installation. Arterail relies on a Swiss railway air conditioning manufacturer specializing in small series.

Gas and mixed gas-diesel engine

Modification of engines by installing “dual-fuel” systems in conjunction with our partner Digas.