Rolling stock overhaul and refurbishment

Arterail provides overhaul services for most of the equipment installed on passenger vehicles and electric and thermal traction units. The work is carried out in our workshops or in the workshops of the operators. We source components from our network of OEMs and subcontractors. Arterail also supplies spare components on a standalone basis or in the form of full kits prepared in our workshops and shipped to our customers.

Services Arterail


Vehicles overhaul

Full support for general overhauls and mid-life overhauls. Operations carried out in customer workshops or in Arterail workshops.

Bogies overhaul

Removal, dismantling, examination of structures, reassembly with replacement of components, checks. Control of structures by magnetic particle inspection or ACFM method (Alternating Current Field Measurement). Arterail relies on specialized partners for the overhaul of axles and on equipment manufacturers for the overhaul of brake units and brake panels.

Electric motors overhaul

Dismantling and replacement of components, tests on a test bench. Arterail relies on a specialized partner for rewinding operations.

Air conditioning and heating systems overhaul

Complete overhaul of heating and air conditioning systems. Performance and reliability improvements by modification.

Interior fittings refurbishment

Replacement of floors and floor coverings, relining of seats, renovation of lighting, renovation of trim panels and ceilings.

Other systems and components overhaul

Overhaul of hydraulic units, transmissions, fuel tanks, battery systems, pantographs, driver’s cabs, glass replacements.

Accident repairs

Expertise of damaged vehicles and proposal for a repair program. Removal of damaged equipment and replacement, boilermaking and painting work, testing and weighing after repair. The work can be carried out in customer workshops or in a partner workshop in France.