Services for railway systems

Conseils et études matériels roulants par Arterail

Rolling stock consulting

Market studies, investment planning, assistance in the acquisition of new equipment, analysis of technical problems, planning of revisions.

Conseils et études infrastructures ferroviaires par Arterail

Railway infrastructure consulting

Design and optimization of maintenance workshops, design of track plans, power supplies and catenary systems, system condition audit.

Conseil et études transport ferroviaire

Railway transport consulting

Preliminary design studies for urban lines, freight lines and tourist lines, technical and financial feasibility analyzes, organization of operating companies.

Révision de matériel roulant par Arterail

Revision of rolling stock

General overhauls, overhaul of components: traction chain, bogies, heating and air conditioning, interiors, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.

Rolling stock modification

Modification studies, integration of new systems, Design and installation of new interior fittings, heating and air conditioning systems, etc.

Matériel roulant occasion par Arterail

Second hand rolling stock

Identification of needs, vehicle research, expertise, adaptation, transport, commissioning and after-sales support and supply of spare components.

Supply of railway spare parts

Identification of initial or alternative suppliers, sale of parts, kitting, inventory management.

Measurements and controls

Welding controls, thermal measurements, dimensional controls, wheelset gauge control