Arterail, rail expertise

Arterail is a service company specialised in railway systems.

We support our clients in the acquisition, maintenance, overhaul, modification and modernization of railway vehicles. We also offer support services in the areas of maintenance workshops, track and electrification equipment. Our customers are railway operators, owners of rolling stock, local authorities and states. All our activities are carried out in compliance with the railway standards and regulations applicable in the countries where we operate.

Arterail brings together engineers, project managers, experts and intervention technicians who have great skills and long experience in railway systems.

Our working principles:

  • Professionalism in project management
  • Responsiveness and flexibility
  • Independence from train manufacturers and equipment suppliers
  • A relationship with customers based on trust and long-time partnership

Tailor made solutions

Rather than pushing off-the-shelf solutions, we prefer to listen to our customers on the questions and issues they face. Governments, local communities, operators, rail operators: each of these rail players faces specific challenges. Our support allows us to provide them with the most complete solution possible at an optimized cost. We offer tailor-made support.

Technical expertise

We mobilize engineers who bring a long experience in rolling stock engineering. Our experts understand all the main functions of the train and its environment: bogies, traction chain, body, interiors, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic systems, tracks and switches, power supply, maintenance workshops.

In the execution phases, we rely on component suppliers and manufacturing subcontractors. Our partners are selected on the basis of their technical knowledge of rail. We favor partners recognized by the European rail industry.

Our locations

Our head office is located in the heart of Hauts-de-France, a region with a strong railway tradition.

Our workshops are located as close as possible to our customers in order to allow better reactivity.

Intellectual rigor

Each solution we offer is argued and costed. Where appropriate, we offer our customers scenarios that allow them to choose the best compromise between cost – time – level of service provided. Our project management processes include rigorous quality controls at each stage, both in study and in execution.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Arterail is a structure involved in promoting the French rail expertise. We are driven by a sense of service, teamwork and innovation.