Our approach

Our approach is based on listening, technical expertise, intellectual precision and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Rather than promoting standardised offers, we prefer to listen to our customers in order to understand the problems they face. Local authorities, rail service mangers, rail operators, manufacturers: each of these stakeholders is faced with specific challenges. Our support allows them to provide the most complete solution available at an optimum cost. Above all, we offer "tailor-made" solutions.

Technical expertise

We work with engineers who have considerable experience of rolling stock. Our experts understand all the major functions: trucks, traction system, body, interior, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, electronic systems.

During the execution phases, we work with partners experienced in calculations and detailed design, as well as specialist workshops. Our partners are selected on the basis of their technical rail knowledge and we favour working with partners which are recognised by the rail sector.

Intellectual precision

Each solution we offer is argued and costed. If necessary, we present our customers with scenarios which allow them to choose the best compromise between cost, timescale and standard of service. Our project coordination procedures include strict quality controls at each stage of both the study and implementation phase.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Arterail is a young structure which is making its contribution to the French rail sector. We are driven by a sense of service, teamwork and innovation.

Tailor-made solutions

Wether it concerns the development of rolling stock, the renovation or any maintenance task, Arterail sets up solutions which perfectly fit your own conditions.